503PDX Art Series Collection

Posted on Aug 14, 2016 in Art & Design
503PDX Art Series Collection

Art collection is something I love and cherish. My admiration was instilled from a young age when my Mom worked at a formidable Maine gallery as a framer and sales person. I quickly acquired her sense of appreciation for the art hanging on walls and a quality frame job. I grew up knowing the names and faces of many prominent Maine artists and my love and respect for their work traveled with me to art school and on to home decoration.

Having learned of Blaine Fontana’s work through The Hope & Vine, a bar in North Portland he frequented, I began to follow his blog. Not long after, I attended a talk he gave at a WeMake event. He touched on a recent artist collaboration series created with Portland artist Amy Ruppel. The resulting pieces have a natural subject matter both artists enjoy, strong graphic composition lead by Blaine and a captivating realism component brought in by Amy. The seven pieces where traded back and forth multiple times during the creation process. As I learned more, I quickly became hooked with these intricate and intriguing pieces.

Blaine had high quality paper prints for sales on his website, which became my in. Over the past three years I have purchased one print a year and framed them each one with custom, dark wood, deep textured frames. I am so stoked to be an owner of the whole “503PDX” series, created by some badass local PDX talent.