A Digital Designer With a Fine Arts Background

I can safely say I am a designer who loves his trade. I have been pursuing a career in design long before college. After much practice in a wide spread industry, I have found my place in digital design and have confidence in the work I produce. I consider myself a good designer but not because of the work in my portfolio. It's what I bring to a project:

  • enjoy working with others
  • view directions as rough guidelines for success
  • take pride in good communication
  • will lead when others hesitate
  • know how to sell designs
  • can read an audience in meetings and critiques
  • like solving problems
  • love colors and style guides
  • And they say I have “a good eye”, which seems to come in handy

Progression Is Essential Before Accomplishment Is Achieved

My Background


Growing up in Maine, summering on an island, I was always drawing, painting and sculpting. Having relatives who were artists, I felt comfortable choosing to study graphic design.


I journeyed west to Montana to pursue snowboarding and the arts at Montana State University. This move fueled my love for art and nature.


Needing to grow professionally, I moved to Oregon. Portland is a city where I could continue focusing on the two things I love most—riding and creating.

Choosing Digital Design

Seeking higher education in the early 2000's, I followed a passion for the arts to a graphic design program that was largely print focused. As a junior in College I learned how to build digitally in Flash, which allowed me to publish to the web. It didn’t take long before I recognized the huge design opportunities within the freedom of the digital world.

After college freelance jobs for local non-profits gave me a foundation in HTML and CSS. Small jobs soon turned into production art gigs for big eCommerce websites. In the heavily studied eCom environments, I leaned about the core principles of publishing digital content. Eventually I outgrew the confines of dated eCommerce platforms and found my way to creative agencies where the opportunity exists to build cutting edge digital products for a wide range of industries.

Balance Is Needed To Obtain Progression

I am an energetic person who is constantly in creative drive mode. When not on my computer, I spend my time outdoors seeking flow on a board or bike. Nature and physical activity are two important agents of mine for finding progression and satisfaction.

A love photography as much as the next designer. I can't help but share a few shots taken with my digital Cannon point & shoot or a 35mm film camera while out of the office adventuring.

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