Back on The Mountain Bike

Posted on Jul 17, 2014 in Lifestyle
Back on The Mountain Bike

I fill me free time with activities. I love adventures. Small weekend trips that take me out of the city and away from the computer for the weekend. They give the work week more purpose with a near goal to work towards. These little trips I fill my weekends with create outdoors time, allowing me a mental recharge and some physical excitement. I recently bought and fixed up a used mountain bike. So far so good, the bike is already motivating me to take rides and adventures.

oakridge view south off Apline trail

I kick-off a summer of riding with a mountain biking trip over Memorial Day weekend. I Camped in Oakridge, Oregon on the edge of the central cascades with a group of friends, Kristin and Paul from Portland, Nate and Rya from Bend. Oakridge has become a special place for me. It’s distance from Portland is just far enough to create a mystique of central Oregon woodsiness. The single track trails are well worth the drive, being highly regarded in the Northwest riding community. Our weekend of riding the perfect Alpine trail before it had seen hard riding from mid summer eco-tourists traffic, was indeed a great mini escape from Portland. The bike ran well, I felt strong and started to regain the feel for mountain biking…That is until day 2. I have some skills that need to be resorted this summer.

group of bikers riding Oakridge Apline trail

I captured a few clips from our campsite along the river. After a day of riding, Rya made a fancy feast while Nate made a fool of himself. Watch closely as Nate crosses the river with a beer in one hand and the fishing pole in the other. He went for a swim right as I stopped recording.