Back To Flickr Resolution

Posted on Jun 29, 2015 in Lifestyle
Back To Flickr Resolution

How do you share your photos with family and friends? I use Instagram most commonly but that’s a single photo to capture a whole day or weekend’s adventure. The Gram is also a photo that you can’t download to store or print at high quality. I’m not much of a Facebook user either, for many reasons. I really want a service that is photo specific.

Long before Facebook and Instagram I tried Flickr. I didn’t take to the service at the time, so my account has sat idle. I started the 2015 year with a New Years Resolution goal of solving the oh so common photo storage problems of:

  • My personal photos get stored on my computer where they are trapped and forgotten.
  • They rarely get shared or reviewed in the storage app I use.
  • I capture images with multiple devices, so I need one place to store them all.
  • I want better remote access to my photos.
  • I think photos are far too precious to just leave on a single computer that could be damaged.
  • Cloud storage takes too much organization and is too costly to use Dropbox or iCloud.

This is where Flickr comes in.

My Resolution is to get all my photos, starting from my first digital camera that I got as I finished high school, all on to Flickr. I’m not talking about every photo. I’m going to target the best of the best, compiled in a single location that I can easily access for years to come. Now that I’ve selected a service, it’s on to the hard work. It’s taken me six months just to reopen my Flickr account and store the first set of new images. My Brother’s wedding has greased the wheels. I’m ready to start sharing.

Let the photo archiving experiment begin.