Climate Change Recognition

Posted on Dec 18, 2015 in Lifestyle, TBD Design Blog
Climate Change Recognition

Climate change is a huge concern for me, as it should be for the rest of the world. I love the outdoors, all it’s intricacies, it’s sights and smells. Our planet is an amazing place to live in and play on. All my favorites places and favorite activities rely on us having a green, wet, healthy planet to live on.

The UN talks in Paris this fall have reminded me of how far we have to go in our efforts for change. So many educated societies believe there is a huge issue that needs to be addressed, yet we act so slowly. I followed along during the week of discussions between our nations by listening to NPR reports. I viewed the result of the UN Summit as a success because of universal recognition of action needed. We are so far from results to speak of but at least we have good dialog and goals set for the future.

Here are two key pieces of media from NPR that will give you an idea of what was accomplished.

The Recap

Presidential Breakdown of The Agreement