Family Visit to Oregon Fall 2013

Posted on Nov 18, 2013 in Lifestyle
Family Visit to Oregon Fall 2013

After college I moved far away from a family I really enjoy.  Living in Bozeman was my stepping stone to Portland.  Making the decision to go to school out west was hard enough on my parents but the realization that I was staying out west was definitely a hard reality to swallow.  They travel westward to Portland seldom, so it was a special fall weekend to have my parents and sister visit Kelso and I this fall for a long-weekend.

I had read a Blog post earlier in the week about positivity.  This post talked about highlighting good things that happen everyday.  It’s to easy to focus on what’s not working for you rather than small moments that go in the right direction.  The post was well worth reading, it set me in a really good mindset to be in for visitors.  For Kelso, Becca, Nikki and I, it was a long weekend in the car, seeing the mountains and the coast.  The miles in the car, unfortunate tiredness we were all suffering from and unfavorable surf, couldn’t touch the positivity found in spending time with family.  Below is a short slideshow from our weekend of sight seeing.  
Stay positive.


“But if something goes wrong, that sticks out in our minds. So when we think about our days, just the negative stuff jumps out at us and we complain.”


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