NY Times Snow Fall Project

Posted on Dec 28, 2012 in Art & Design
NY Times Snow Fall Project


A special NY Times project was recently released, highlighting the winter 2012 Steven’s Pass avalanche.  The Snow Fall website project is a progressive HTML5 site that shares a long but well organized story of the lives lost, setting of the event and people involved.

What makes this project so special is not just the amazing story.  As a web designer, I was blown away with how the content of this story was presented.  Using HTML5, the designers of the site presented unique and dynamics video, graphics, maps and other multi media content to support the text.  I see this content presentation as being next evolution of sharing online.  Using HTML5 we can captures our audience’s attendance while informing them faster and more thoroughly than ever before.

Check out the Snow Fall site to see what a modern example of online story telling.
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