Portland Conference Responsive Field Day

Posted on Oct 17, 2015 in Design Industry, Web Design
Portland Conference Responsive Field Day

I attended a great one day Portland web industry conference in late September. Cloud 4’s Jason Grigsby built the conference on the back of Jeremy Keith’s one day event he puts on each year in his hometown of Brighton, England. The conference was very successful for many reasons, making it a Northwest web industry event that I highly recommend checking out (if it return soft a second year as the hosts suggested it would). Here’s why I thought is was a good day and good use of time.

Front-end developers and Designers at One Conference

When the topics of discussion can keep both designers and front-end developers engaged, you have a good line-up on your hands. For some, these job roles are one in the same person. I believe that it’s tough to be an expert in so much of the web product process and separating production code from design can be a good thing. We listed to Brad Frost talk about level the collaboration needed to make this split in roles successful for a team.

The Speakers

Talk about top-shelf lineup. I got to listen to many web-famous speakers who I have read or heard through articles, podcasts and blogs in the past, now in person during this local event. Names like:

  • Brand Frost
  • Tom Dale
  • Jen Simmons
  • Jeremy Keith
  • Steve Souder
  • Ethan Marcotte

Easy Access to Great Content

Learning as an adult is harder than as a young person who is attending school. It’s expensive and difficult to find access to industry leaders you trust, who are delivering a message that’s right for you. Responsive Field Day was an affordable one day event that did not require travel or lodging. Not only did the low cost make it accessible but the information presented and the well packaged format made it a standout event.

The major themes covered were Accessibility, Progressive Enhancement and web page layouts. The latter of which, presented by Jen Simmons, was very pertinent for me. As the title of the talk indicated, there is an industry wide rut we are stuck in with our layout design. There are many CSS properties that are now widely supported but not commonly used. Jen gave a great talk motivating the crowd to explore and break out of the rut, highlighting CSS and demonstrating with examples.

Now that the conference has passed, all the talks and panel discussions have been posted to the web to give even greater assesses to anyone in the know. Checkout the Responsive Field Day website for links to many great 20minute presentations. You can also sign up for their newsletter to receive info about next years event.