BCI Group Website Redesign For a Northwest Brand Story

BCI hides closely behind the curtains of many other successful Northwest brands like Burgerville, The Portland Timbers, Water Ave Coffee and Pizzicato to name a few. Helping these businesses with strategic direction in areas like Ownership Transitions and Employee Benefit, BCI has a huge impact on local businesses. However, their old website was not telling this customer centric story. Local content strategy agency Conveyor, partnered with Daylight to bring BCI’s digital marketing into the a modern era.

I worked as the lead designer helping plan the content strategy with Conveyor, planing the custom CMS controls with the development team and designing the website from start to finish.



Design Services:

  • Content strategy
  • User flow mapping
  • Wireframing
  • Custom CMS planning
  • UI Design

Telling a Northwest Customer Story

Working with the Conveyor team, we started by restructuring the sitemap to build around customer stories and testimonials. This allowed us to hit the viewer with fresh visual intrigue on the homepage, better connecting them with tangible service offerings.


Adding The Designer’s Touch to The Message

Knowing that the Services messaging was going to be elaborate, Daylight devised a design solution to visually keep the viewer moving through the website. We started with a strong typeface that would grab attention and used large font-sizes to make reading easy. Once the foundation was laid we:

  1. Illustrated custom service icons to draw them in.
  2. Added testimonial copy over full-width background images to break up the page.
  3. Pulled in related Resources content throughout the details pages to add variety and links to further learning.
  4. Alternated background colors of sections within the Services page template to add visual breaks.




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