Taking Control Of The Content

Big Flakes Only is a lifestyle, snowboarding blog that I built and have maintained since 2008. It started as sheltered online publishing space of my own, far from the mainstream sharing avenue of Facebook. I owned the content, I controlled the format. It was and still is today, a place where I share snowboarding videos and stories with friends and family who are spread across the country.

Big Flakes started as a hand coded website where I could practice my newly budding HTML and CSS coding skills. In 2010 I switched Big Flakes to WordPress so that other Big Flakes members could login and add content themselves. In 2013, I shifted the approach again, also shifting technology slightly to a new WordPress theme that I spent the fall customizing. The goal now is more personal. Capturing my stories for reminiscence and cataloging the industry videos that are now constantly releasing online and seemingly forgotten at the same pace. I am the main content producer, the website admin and technology officer of Big Flakes Only.

Big Flakes snowboard blog homepage 2013 design

2013 Site Post Detail Page

The new post detail pages featured large images and slideshows with a custom narrowed text column surrounding them. The story became the focus with videos always embedded at the end of a post.

Big Flakes website design post detail page design

2010 Homepage

The 2010 redesign and switch to WordPress allowed new authors to add their own content. An exciting feature but the overall design of the video theme quickly looked outdated.



2008 Homepage

The humble beginning as hand-coded HTML with Flash elements embedded. The site showcased Medium Format film photos I had been shooting that winter.


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