JVR Spirits Website For Brand Launch

While working at the Daylight Studio, partner and founder Shawn Mann was approached by a friend who was looking to launch his own business. JVR Spirits, a Portland crafted spiced honey liqueur, needed an online identity that would support the branding work designer Bob Smith was developing. What we didn’t realize is that Vince also needed help telling his unique product story. The JVR Spirits website became a digital storytelling project with equal time invested in content strategy, design and development.

JVR Spirits responsive website design

Pleasing The Crowd

The new website needed to reach consumers, restauranteurs and bar owners so they could find and learn about Krupnik. A mix of content types were identified and arranged to attract these unique target audiences. Events are published to the blog, showcasing nearby tastings. Cocktail recipes are added as fresh inspirational content, while the core site messaging is the family story and product recipe.


Design Services:

  • Content strategy pre and post launch
  • Responsive website layout
  • CMS enabled page designs
  • SVG pattern making and graphics
  • Blog design
  • CMS product location map and lists

Krupnik Product Page

Vince was an ideal client with his design background and photography skills. The product page is a great example of Vince and Bob collaborating to create custom photography. All other art on the page are vector graphics built to scale.

JVR Krupnik Product page design

Design Results

The quality design results of the JVR website stands out for me in large part due to the high level of graphic decoration used. Design embellishments often look dated or cluttered before a site even launches. For this project, thoughtful layout planning allowed for complex arrangements to seamlessly blend together. Of course, a very high-level of development work with attention to responsive scaling needs to accompany any website decoration for a lasting effect. Kristin Valentine is to thank for the collaboration and skilled font-end development work to achieve such a result.

Website design style tile

Key Design Accomplishments:

  • Brand message clarified
  • A platform for growth was established with the blog
  • Storytelling with photography through Instagram feed
  • Product description accessible on all devices
  • Product is findable as the brand expands locations

website product page layout

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