Montevina Wines Website Redesign

The Montevina Wines website was a standard redesign project. Standard in that the client wanted to update the look of a dated site with new branding collateral that was driving the project and deadlines. A site styling makeover, responsive design and a reorganization of content were all packaged into this redesign.

Montevina Wines responsive website design

As lead Interactive Designer at the Daylight Studio, I worked from the ground up, reexamining the sitemap with Project Manager Anna Gallespie. Daylight takes redesign projects well beyond a polishing. For Montevina, the navigation structure and content organization was greatly improved. We highlighted the Wine Club with clear CTAs and a new layout of the Wine Club detail page. We created a stronger product presentation for the on-site store. And most importantly, we delivered on our promise to make the brand and wines look elegant and clear to read.

mobile website menu design

Key Accomplishments:

  • Content audit
  • Responsive website layout
  • Photo retouching
  • SVG pattern making
  • Bolstered eCom with better product arrangement
  • Highlighted Wine Club with CTAs

Winery Page Design

Careful attention was paid to font selection and sizes. With the rebranding of Montevina, a more polished and higher-class look was desired for the brand.

Winery page website design

Wine Detail Page Design

Clarity and simplicity work together on the wine detail pages. SVG graphics, CSS generated buttons and retina ready bottle images compliment the minimal pages to create a sense of elegance.

wine detail page website design

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