Responsive eLearning For The Wine Industry

The Torres Wines eLearning course marked the start of a bright future for Daylight and the Ste. Michelle Wine Estates online education program. Daylight was approached about rebuilding an eLearning course that would help educate employees, distributors and sales reps on Torres, one of the Ste. Michelle wine brands. The 145 year old Spanish wine brand had a rich story to tell and a high-bar set for the project results.


The Daylight partners challenged their design and development team with a list of desires from the client, responsive content being number 1. Working as Lead Designer assisted by Designer Brand Hafer, we sifted through platform options to build the new course with. No suitable option surfaced however. Daylight was faced with either disappointing the client or getting creative and stepping into uncharted territories.


Design Services:

  • Digital Product Conceptualizing
  • Educational Content Strategy
  • Wireframing
  • Responsive eLearning UI Design
  • UI Theme Design
  • Custom Illustration
  • Production Design of Educational Assets

Next Level Online Education

Whiteboards filled with sketches as ideas took shape in the Daylight office while the design and development teams collaborated on a strategy for a new path forward. We focused on educational best practices and user flow. The traditional presentation of slideshows with recorded voice and videos felt too passive a learning style. We wanted more student engagement, making them read more, scroll more, stumble upon videos nested within the content and to take more mini-quizzes.



The after many hours of planning we successfully pitched the concept to the client with full buy-in for the luxury product option. Daylight had met and beat Ste. Michells’s expectations for an industry leading platform but now needed to talk timeline and figure out how to deliver results.

Mapping the Unknown

There was a plan and a vision but no blueprint for the built. We studied the draft content ideas and made a map of repeatable blocks that would handle all the scenarios of educational content Conveyor was working through. Once we had a completed wireframe of the detail page template, we stepped back to fill in the blanks with a Chapter Overview landing pages, a Homepage and a Final Exam template.


Designing from the Torres brand style-guide, I worked with Frontend Developer Kristin Wille to create a user interface theme that Daylight could reuse for the next wine brand. Creating a theme was a challenge but it felt insignificant in comparison to the challenge of building intriguing eLearning content in a responsive layout. The React based frontend swiped smoothly with user interaction, only after countless hours of fine tuning to nail down layouts, media queries and parameters for the content creators.


A SCORM Compliment Course Builder

When we finished, we had a fully CMS managed course builder that powered a responsive, SCORM compliant, gated eLearning course. The results were miles ahead of where we started when Daylight reviewed dated “out of the box” software solutions. Since the launch of the Torres course, more Ste. Michelle brands have rebuilt courses switching to the Daylight course builder platform. Torres marked a successful strategy executed with complex development, where the new courses demonstrate the scalability of the tool, allowing for more traditional Design and Content Development workflows to take over.