Vector Workflow Presentation From Artifact

Posted on Jul 22, 2015 in Web Design
Vector Workflow Presentation From Artifact

Starting at Daylight in the Spring of 2013, vector icons and graphics were a hot topic for me. I saw opportunities for a new type of responsive ready, crisp, animated graphics and I wanted to adapt the file type to all my projects. The transition for implementing vector graphics into a digital project is a slow one. There is lot to consider and learn about creating, exporting, coding and animating a vector file before tossing up on your website.


Around the time I was searching for answers, I was passed a link to Todd Parker‘s (a partner at the Filament Group) presentation at the Artifact Austin conference in 2014, titled “Leaving Pixels Behind“. I would have loved to attend the actual presentation but even the leftover slide deck serves as a designer and front-end developer’s manual for all things vector. In the last year since I first reviewed the slide deck up to now, I have fully transitioned into adding vector graphics in all the projects I work on. The slide deck however, demonstrates huge opportunities for animation that I have only scratched the surface of. Take a look and get inspired to use more vector art.

See Todd’s slide deck see here