Wedding Design Complete

Posted on Oct 18, 2016 in Lifestyle, TBD Design Blog
Wedding Design Complete

It’s official, I’m a married man, which also means I’m done with wedding design duties. Nikki took on a huge amount of responsibility heading up the wedding planning but I was there assisting every step of the way. I took the lead when projects were moving too slowly or provided encouragement when plans fell through. Looking back at the long lead-up to the wedding, the bulk of my time was devoted design. I loved being able to leverage my skills to help, as I assume any designer would. It allows us to take more control over the look and feel of our big day, making it more personal.


Design Collateral Sticker Shock

As I sat down to begin designing, reality quickly took hold. Grand visions of highly tooled design pieces were discarded for more simplistic goals that fit my schedule. We had a relatively tight time line, meanwhile the graphics count seemed to keep climbing as our planning progressed. Starting small, we focused on our Save the Date card. A thick matte paper, flat color design, which was so successful we allowed it to set the tone for the rest of the wedding collateral. I will admit that I devoted the majority of my design time to the website, leaving detail work for the last minute. One week prior to the wedding I was madly cutting out drink menus, family photos and table numbers that all needing to be framed.


Day Of

The wedding unfolded better than we could have asked for with my design work standing proudly informing guests. I’m pleased with the results but wish I had a lot more time to craft, test and revise the pieces. Here are two important lessons learned along the way:

1) Started by creating a formal and thorough list of everything that might be needed.

2) Order small batches of test prints from any and every print vendor before placing the full order. Don’t let the time crunch or small investments in test printing get in your way like I did.


Wedding Design Collateral:

  • Save The Date invites – printed by Moo
  • Wedding Invitations and inserts – printed by Anders Printing
  • Website iteration 1 (what, when and where)
  • Website iteration 2 (RSVP form and accommodations)
  • Website iteration 3 (Schedule of events and activities)
  • Pint glass graphic – printed by
  • Napkin graphic – printed by
  • Bar menus – printed by FedEx Office Printers
  • Table Numbers – printed by FedEx Office Printers
  • Table Assignment Hang Tags
  • Thank You cards – printed by Moo