Wedding Website Hand Coded

Posted on May 12, 2016 in Project Highlight
Wedding Website Hand Coded

It has been a long time since I hand coded a website from scratch. As an interactive designer by trade, I will admit that I don’t code enough and have fallen behind some in new tricks. Because I work in the web industry, designing websites and applications for others, I get very excited at the thought of having the freedom to experiment. Combining the need to be creative and practice development techniques, I decided to start my next project from a blank canvas (no framework, no CMS, no templates to add content inside of) and create something unique.


Nikki and I getting married this fall has provided no better excuse or motivation for me to get my hands dirty on a new project. This is my chance to enjoy unconventional web design that clients are usually uncomfortable with or don’t have strong enough imagery to support. I’m off and running with release one out the door. This is the start to an evolving project that will be refined and expanded upon over the next two months.

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