On The Job

The design industry has many personalities and I believe there is a place for us all. Where I fit, is not always glued to a screen, I thrive with collaboration. As a problem solver I love breaking through the proverbial wall, as well as presenting those hard earned finding to the client. I’ve never been shy when a strong voice is needed to pitch work. Doubling back for the team, critique is a strong point where I can push others further than I can take myself. And when the crowds leave, it’s my behind the scenes task oriented communication and organization that keeps projects rolling in the right direction.

“I've worked with many creative people over my career. Without reservation, Tyler is among the easiest to work with, most talented and hardest working.”
Ellie Marks
Creative Copy Director at Solutions

My Background

Growing up in Maine, summering on an island, I was always drawing, painting and sculpting. Having relatives who were artists, I felt comfortable choosing fine arts as my focus throughout school. My summers were filled by participating in a community sailing program, which I went on to teach at and eventually direct.

Choosing Digital Design

Seeking higher education in the early 2000's, I followed my passion for the arts to a graphic design program that was largely print focused. As a junior in college I learned how to program in Flash, which allowed me to publish to the web. It didn’t take long before I recognized the huge design opportunities within the freedom of the digital world.

After college, freelance jobs for local non-profits gave me a foundation in HTML and CSS. Small jobs soon turned into production art gigs for big eCommerce websites. In the heavily studied eComm environments, I leaned about the core principles of publishing digital content.

Big Flakes Blog

With my passion for digital publishing comes a need for personal expression and a stubborn desire for owning my content. Big Flakes started in 2008 as hand coded website where I could practice my newly budding HTML and CSS coding skills. Now on WordPress, Big Flakes remains my avenue for sharing snowboarding media and stories with family and friends.

Keep Exploring

One adventure to the next, follow along on Instagram, connect via LinkedIn or checkout the design imagery I post to Pinterest.