Clothing Resale eCommerce Business

I was a founding member of Dresm, a tech startup who launched their product on 11/11/2011. Working on a team of four; two designers a developer and a salesman, our small team built a custom eCommerce website from the ground-up. The project goal was to create the premiere online destination for buying and selling used clothing.

I worked as a UI designer with Developer Ben Ipsen and Frontend Developer and Designer Ladd Arundel. I collaborated with Ladd to design the brand style guide, the website page layouts, navigation and site features. Months of planning user’s flow through the search for clothing and checkout, yielded a site design that was clear and concise. Our final product was far less cluttered than the competitors.

custom peer to peer ecommerce platform shopping listings screenshot

Expanded Services

As a business owner, the naming and branding process is a slow one, with no idea being strong enough. What started as a branding and website exercise quickly evolved with the business after the website launched.

mobile marketing website design screenshots

Screen Capture Video Tour

At Dresm’s core was an smooth online shopping experience, where multiple items from different sellers could be purchase in one transaction. To curate the user generated product catalog, we built a robust backend that allowed users to login into and manage their store, feedback, messaging, and listing.

clothing ecommerce homepage
clothing ecommerce product listing page
clothing ecommerce user store page
clothing ecommerce clothing sales tutorial page

Where Did Dresm Find Failure?

Dresm was a huge success for our digital product team but not a game changer in the marketplace. Competition was very slim at the time, with good design and a single focused website, the team felt there was room for our product to shine. Despite building and maintaining an active community of sellers and buyers for 4 years, with an average of 500 unique visitors a day, our lack of knowledge in marketing lead the business to it’s demise. The team was never interested in venture capital but that left maintenance of the website and social channels to nights and weekends. No time was budgeted for expanding our marketing knowledge and customer reach. We watched as competitors took marketshare and built superior brands and products. The Dresm lights went out at year-end 2015.

In Collaboration With

This startup business was run by a talented team of four members.

  • Design:
    • Tyler Davis
    • Ladd Arundel
  • Development:
    • Ben Ipsen
  • Product Management & Sales:
    • Alex Cazanas
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