Food Safety Startup Brand & Website Design

While freelancing as the Covid19 pandemic shook the creative industry, a past client contacted me about a fast moving project. A new food safety startup was launching its service and needed web design help to complete the circle of their service offering. FoodID provides and connects food quality test results to packaged food products, through a QR code. They needed an online brand presence for investors to see and a test results webpage for each food producing partner to link to, so customers could verify the results.

food packaging logo design qr code scan

Branding Help

Picking up where a creative agency had left off, I found a logo that lacked polish and purpose, a half defined color palette and no sense of typography. We started the engagement at square one with a branding project to give FoodID a fitting look.

branding design brandbook example

Company Website

The new business needed to quickly position and define itself for future investors and customers, as well as the curious public who would soon stumble into their logo on food packaging.

company website hero design in devices

I partnered with the VP of marketing as the sole designer for this project. I lead content strategy, identifying the business’ needs to produce a sitemap and wireframes. After high fidelity designs were complete, I played a PM role, subcontracting a talented engineer who I partnered with for the build and configuration of a custom Wordpress install to make all content editable.

company website mobile designs
company website design desktop screenshot

Test Results Website

A separate web presence was needed for FoodID’s partners to be able to send their customers to, using the QR code logo links on their food packaging. The Test Results website had a very targeted use case for customers on a mobile device while grocery shopping. We wanted it to feel authoritative and scientific, yet simple to digest and fun to look at for customers on the move.

mobile website design for test results
food safety testing website design

In Collaboration With

This project was executed while freelancing as TBD513 Creative and in partnership with industry acquaintances.

  • Design:
    • Tyler Davis
  • Development:
    • Neal McKinney
  • Project Management:
    • Tyler Davis
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