Designing Next Level Shopping Experiences

Working at Nelson Cash, my sole client was Mercari. For nine months I immersed myself in the brand, their products and their customers. Leading a talented and passionate team of designers, alongside a great producer, we grew as a team in our confidence to deliver next level experiences. The work below are projects chronologically, that I lead and ones that I primarily designed. By the time the contract ended, we had transitioned from designing new web layout to redesigning the core of the app experience.

experience design web graphic hero banner

Design System Empowerment

When I first joined the team, some great layout work was being done for How To content but it was taking a long time to polish up and resulted in too many inconsistencies to deliver as final. Seeing an opportunity to help, I took the Brand Guidelines doc the team was using and built a Figma based digital design system that solved basic UI decision making for color, type styles, spacing and UI atoms. The new system immediately boosted our speed and consistency.

experience design web graphic hero banner

Figma Library of Modules

As we designed, we committed components and modules to our Figma team library, where they could be pulled from for our next layout.

web layout design system in use for selling how to webpage shown in a mobile web design and desktop web design
web layout design system in use for shipping how to webpage

App Design

As the client relationship strengthened, we gained access to Mercari’s core product, the app experience. Our design process yielded experience concepts far and wide, attracting interest from all corners of the Mercari headquarters.

app design work shown in iPhone devices
app design How To card components
app experience design

Email Design

This Welcome email series redesign helped new customers enter the Mercari ecosystem. Redesigning key entry moments like this was typical of our work. This project resulted in a redesign of all major email templates.

new customer welcome email series design

Tackling Critical Touchpoints

Internally we tracked critical experiences for new customers. Mapping these touchpoints allowed us to stay organized on project statuses and plot new opportunities discovered during the redesign process.

product journey mapping

Account Creation Touchpoint

As an example of the resulting work, we uncovered this weak point in the Account Creation experience. Our team performed an audit, competitor analysis and ideation of new approaches. We delivered multiple concepts ranging in complexity and adventurousness.

sign-up modal window redesign
sign-up modal window redesign screens

In Collaboration With

This project was executed while working with The Nelson Cash Team.

  • Design:
    • Tyler Davis
    • Linnea Steves
    • Tina Roach
    • Vivian Kim
  • Creative Direction:
    • Shawn Petersen
  • Project Management:
    • Hannah Rosenkranz
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